NEW: Being a Business Broker Webinars


The purpose of our five new Being a Business Broker Webinars is to tell you how to help sellers sell their businesses to buyers. Since the art of this communication demands that you transfer ownership between two parties who have conflicting goals, you will find no quick and easy recipe for success as a business broker. Instead, you will gain knowledge and learn to use tools that will help you appeal to your seller’s & buyer’s aspirations, values, and motives.

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Wow! Edmond Legum has nailed our business brokerage business. … with excellent examples and case studies. Well done indeed!
— Ed Pendarvis

Legum covers everything that someone in the business needs to go to the top. He hasn’t missed a thing!
—Tom West


Webinar 1:
How to Connect with Buyers, Sellers, and Third Parties
33 slides
43 minutes

Webinar 2:
How to Increase Your Influence with Buyers & Sellers
44 slides
28 minutes

Webinar 3:
How to Create New Sellers
39 slides
28 minutes

Webinar 4:
How to Create New Buyers
39 slides
22 minutes

Webinar 5:
How to Create New Owners
58 slides
22 minutes

How ‘Being a Business Broker Webinars’ will benefit you

In the five webinars you will learn:

  • How to appeal to your seller’s & buyer’s aspirations, values, & purposes
  • How to overcome your buyer’s fear, uncertainty, and doubt
  • What buyers and sellers want and how to help them get it
  • How to make the most of your first contact with the seller
  • How to prepare for your listing meeting
  • How to gain an advantage by clearly defining your process
  • How to gather, manage, and use information about your buyers & sellers
  • How to create compelling business profiles
  • How to create hard working media ads
  • How to make the most of your first contact with the buyer
  • How to set the agenda of your buyer/seller meetings
  • How to manage communications with your buyer
  • How to help your buyer & seller reach agreement on pricing and terms
  • How to keep your buyer & seller on track to closing

To get the most from the Webinars, we recommend you purchase the 160-page source book, Being a Business Broker, which contains extended case studies, templates, examples, and tools, including:

  • The Business Broker’s Ecosystem
  • Road Map to Selling Your Business
  • Franchise and independent business media advertisements
  • 10 antidotes to your buyer’s fear, uncertainty, and doubt
  • 7 examples of why sellers want to sell
  • Customer Relationship Management software screen captures
  • Listing Agreement template
  • Seller information checklist
  • Business profile template
  • Personal website template
  • Letter of Intent template
  • Buyer/seller meeting wall chart template
  • Buyer Preparation Checklist