Virtual Course: How To Position Yourself For Success In A Virtual World


With the onset of the COVID19 Pandemic, the direction our society was headed into the virtual world of communication in the next 5 years – happened in less than 5 months.  Were you ready?  Did you adapt?  Do you have what it takes to position and present yourself in this new online world with prospects and clients…

Whether you have been or are ready for the future, a “virtual presence” has been a reality in the regular course of doing business for decades.  First, it was through direct mail and over the telephone.  With the advent of the internet, email communications entered the arena, then instant messaging before we arrived in the world of technology where your visual preference has become paramount with the success with your business.

Now, more than ever before, you need to be set up and prepared to put yourself in front of prospects, clients, affiliates and more – over the internet. Think of the benefits…  In the past, you had to get up, get prepared, get in your car, travel to meet – in a situation that would take you many times a half or whole day to meet.  Now, thanks to the world of virtual communications, all that can happen in a fraction of the time.  Communicating in a virtual world in a way that creates opportunities that lead to successful engagements and success is important!  Let us show you how…

In our course “How To Position Yourself For Success In A Virtual World”, we are going to help you learn how to be successful through the following training events – all wrapped up into one course:

  • The 10-Day Challenge with Kim & Mike Barnes – Kim & Mike have more than 45 years’ experience in the professional news casting Industry. Kim, has 15 years’ experience as a local desk anchor for a major network and her husband Mike, nearly 30-years tenure as a sportscaster at the same network. Kim & Mike know what it takes to create your best presence in a virtual world. Over a two-week period for just 20-30 minutes a day, you will listen to one short video, be given a prompt, and record a video of your own that Kim & Mike will review and coach you on. Your video is posted to a private Facebook group creating a safe/secure environment to learn in. The results from Day 1 to 10 in this part of the program alone has shown dramatic improvements in participant’s online presence with Kim & Mike’s coaching.
  • How To Create Your Own “Home Studio” – Next, the course includes a 2 hour+ session where you will learn everything you need to know about:
    • Various types and levels of equipment available for your setup
    • What to consider when adding to your studio to put your best foot forward
  • Zoom Tips, Tricks & Techniques – In this 2 hour+ session, you will learn the high points with conducting meetings and webinars in Zoom to advance your business. We will teach you the latest and greatest tips and tricks we know setting up meetings and webinars based on the current version of Zoom.  This session teaches how to record events for use in future marketing opportunities with your business.  As an added bonus, we will teach you how to create your own virtual background and work with green screen technology from the previous session, so you can look your best.
  • Before and after the events listed above, we will wrap the course with 2 – 1 hour sessions designed to cover:
    • Course overview, faculty introductions and what you can expect…
    • After the course review
      • What have you learned?
      • Where are you at…
      • What can we do to help you advance your online presence?

In our research, we are finding that there are “course offerings” like what we have here – starting at the “bargain price” of $499.00 and typically $1,500.00 or more.  With our desire to help advance our industry, we are introducing this course at just $249.00 including everything above!

Class size will be limited to the first 30 participants so that we can provide the greatest level of attention, learning and interaction with everyone who attends the course.  Once we have filled up, we will take reservations for the next session that will be announced at a later date.

Our course schedule for the first session is as follows:

  • Wednesday, May 26th 1 p.m. EST – Class & Faculty Introductions and Overview
  • Monday, May 31st to Friday, June 11th – The 10-Day Challenge with Kim & Mike Barnes
  • Wednesday, June 16th 1 p.m. EST – How To Create Your Own Home Studio
  • Wednesday June 23rd 1 p.m. EST – Zoom Tips, Tricks & Techniques
  • Wednesday June 30th 1 p.m. EST – Course Completion Celebration & Wrap Up

Reservations are coming in fast so reserve your spot now!

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Kim Barnes

Media and Presentation Trainer

Kim Barnes brings 30 years of on-camera experience, including 15 years of news reporting experience, to clients on the other side of the microphone. She knows what to look for in an interview, how to ask questions and how to get the best answers. She’s been able to use these abilities to help those who are being interviewed look better, sound better, and say the right things.

Before becoming a trainer in 2004, Barnes spent 12 years at KVUE-TV in Austin and 3 years at KWTX-TV in Waco. She covered many national stories including the Branch Davidian Stand-off near Waco and the Olympic Bombing in Atlanta. Barnes was the primary reporter covering the Austin City Council and other city issues for many years. She’s interviewed thousands of people during her career. During her seven years as weekend anchor, she was called to be the newsroom leader in putting together top-rated newscasts.

Barnes experience includes working with tech companies, non-profits, doctors, company owners, authors and others to train them for public speaking, television and print interviews on a local and national basis. Barnes continues to perform freelance work for KVUE, including an interview segment she hosts, “FYI Austin”. She also performs camera and voiceover work for corporate clients.

Kim has a Bachelor of Journalism Degree with Honors from the University of Texas at Austin. In addition, she’s taught broadcast journalism classes at her alma mater. Her teaching experience has helped with her understanding different “learning curves”. Different interviewees have different needs as they are being taught how to handle the wide range of questions that could be asked. Barnes is able to focus her instruction on what they need most.

Barnes is currently on the Advisory Board of the Assistance League of Austin, the Advisory Board of the Communication Department at Concordia, an active member of her church, and was a longtime volunteer at her children’s schools. She continues to appear on camera regularly.

Mike Barnes

Media and Presentation Trainer

Mike Barnes brings more than 30 years of communication expertise to clients. He knows how to help others tailor their presentations to their audience, how to connect with the viewer of their video and how to stand out from the crowd.

Mike spent thirty years as an award-winning television sportscaster, including 29+ at KVUE-TV in Austin. During that time Mike was honored as “Best in Austin” 17 times and won several Associated Press awards for “Best Sportscaster” and “Best Sportscast” in the state of Texas. He also won the prestigious Murrow Award for Sports Reporting. Mike is a sought-after speaker and emcee for prestigious events.

Mike is an invaluable resource helping others tackle big events. His experience includes covering four Super Bowls, three NCAA National Championship games, five Final Fours, nine College World Series, 12 bowl games and 24 Texas-OU games during his tenure in sportscasting.

Mike is a master of many skills and great teacher in communication. He’s advised “Ted Talk” Presenters on best methods, helped Business Owners understand how to connect on-camera. Mike uses a “block system” for presentations that helps scripted situations keep the high energy of an ad-lib style. Mike knows presentations are about more than just a PowerPoint and his tips help others learn how to win over their audience, clients, and companies they present to.

Mike has a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.

Mike and Kim have a 23-year-old son who is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a 20-year-old daughter who is a Junior at the University of Texas.

George Giles

Founder & CEO – Intemedior Business Advisors, LLC
Business Advisory & Brokerage Services

George Giles is President and Founder of Intemedior Business Advisors, LLC, an Austin, Texas based Business Advisory Firm that specializes in M&A Advisory, Business Brokerage, Coaching & Consulting Services. Intemedior’s team and strategic partners assist Business Owners as they prepare their businesses for sale with a full complement of service and support required to build value, market and successfully manage the contract-to-close process with business sales and acquisitions. The firm uses a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies to assist Business Owners in their decision-making process with how and when to exit their business in the most effective and profitable way possible.

George has over 17 years’ experience in Real Property, M&A Advisory and Business Brokerage. He has earned numerous distinctions and certifications in the industry. Notably, George is a Certified M&A Professional (CM&AP), Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), Board Certified Broker (BCB) with Texas Association of Busines Brokers. He also became a Certified Value Builder Advisor (CVBA) and is a former Advisory Board Member to The Value Builder System in Toronto, Canada.

George started his corporate career as a fourth-generation member of a family owned Printing and Publishing Company in New England that dated back to the 1800’s. After leading the family business through an explosive period of growth in the early 1980’s, he moved on to a career with the R.R. Donnelley & Sons family of companies – a fortune 100 company at the time. He spent the next 20 years in a variety of roles in Sales & Marketing, Accounting & Operations Management, Organizational Diagnosis & Development, and Information Technology. His career took him through several corporate startups, mergers and acquisitions providing him with a rich and varied base of experience that serves the best interests of Intemedior’s clientele well.

Ron West

Founder – Deal Studio / President – Business Brokerage Press

Ron grew up in the fabled path of industry pioneers and leaders dating back to his Great Grandfather George Wright Sr., who relocated his family from the east in the early 1900’s, founding The Wright Company – a Real Estate & Business Brokerage firm in California. George’s son Russ, affectionately known as “The Old Pro” ultimately took over the firm, taking it to the next level, transitioning the company to strictly Business Brokerage. The next transition in the family’s rich history in the industry happened when Tom West, moved out to California marrying Ron’s mom. He ultimately bought The Wright Company from Ron’s grandfather, renaming the company to United Business Investments – growing the firm to 54 locations across the west coast – ultimately selling the company to new ownership.

About that time, George Naddaff (Founder of the Boston Market Franchise) arrived on the west coast looking for new franchise opportunities and decided Business Brokerage was a good business to get into. He approached Ron’s dad asking if he would like to launch a franchise based out of New England to which he agreed, relocating the entire family back to the east coast. Together, they launched VR Business Brokers, building the company to nearly 400 locations across the US in just under 4 years. Tom decided to leave VR at that time in the 1983-84 timeframe to launch Business Brokerage Press, the same year becoming one of the co-founders of the International Business Brokerage Association (IBBA).

Ron started working with the family on Business Brokerage Press during his college years in the late 1990’s learning, he too had a passion for the industry. Fresh out of college, Ron and his dad launched the company Generations where they sold businesses for several years while he still participated in activities with Business Brokerage Press. Ron relocated briefly to Atlanta to work with another firm to determine if he wanted to pursue a career selling businesses and quickly realized his true passion lay with Business Brokerage Press and the marketing end of the industry. Ron then spent more than two decades pursuing his interest with creating systems and tools for marketing and technology to be used in the industry – learning much through his successes and failures which brings him to where he is today.