Glen Cooper on Business Brokerage


Glen Cooper is a well-credentialed and long-standing business broker, business appraiser and former IBBA course author and instructor. This publication along with the 36 video lectures covers topics not usually covered in business broker training. Instead of just a “best practices” review, Glen gives you his un-censored opinions – after nearly 40 years as a business broker.

$59 Hard Copy – a printed, paperback copy of Glen’s book on Business Brokerage (298 pages!).
$199 EBook – a PDF version of Glen’s book along with on-line access to his 36 video lectures (36 short 9-15 minute videos ideal for broker team meetings! Also 298-page eBook with several pages in the eBook accompanying each lecture that you can print and distribute for the meeting.).

“. . . structured well . . . for lecture-by-lecture sales training . . . material that you won’t find anywhere else.”
-Tom West

“. . . the most pragmatic, honest and true insight into our profession that I have seen.”
-Suzanne De Lucia, CBI, Fellow of the IBBA

Order 5 or more Paperback editions and receive a 40% discount!

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eBook (Includes Video Access & eBook), Paperback