The Resource Handbook


The Resource Handbook represents years of gathering and presenting information useful for the day-to-day tasks of business brokerage.

The Resource Handbook includes the following sections:

  • The Listing Process—sample wording for seller letters and postcards, seller brochures, forms and checklists. You select the pieces that best meet your market and listing.
  • Buying a Business—descriptions of buyer activities necessary to put the sale together.
  • Closing the Sale—discussion of everything from offers to purchase and confidentiality agreements to the clauses necessary to complete an actual purchase and sale agreement. Term sheets and letters of intent are also covered.
  • Pricing and Valuation Issues—review of basic methods of valuation along with details on the Seller’s Discretionary Earnings Method used by almost all general business brokerage firms.
  • Business Brokerage Issues—the biggest section of the book, covering all aspects of the profession: licensing, the latest on the stock versus asset sale, legal issues, forms, sample wording, and letters.
  • Benchmarking the Business Brokerage Office—charts, statistics, and observations of the numbers that make up the business so you can see how your business compares with that of your peers.
  • General Business Data—examination of the numbers of businesses there are and how many are available for business brokers to sell, helping you determine if your business is up to par.

Caution: Keep in mind that all sample legal wording and legal forms should be reviewed by your legal professional to ensure that they are appropriate for your use.

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