The Business Broker Blog

Business Brokerage Press started nearly 30 years ago as a small publishing company distributing a monthly newsletter called The Business Broker.  Although there have been some changes over the years, the newsletter has been published every year since then and has continually included the same quality content, serving as the voice of the profession.

We re-launched The Business Broker as The Business Broker Blog in 2011.

Readers of the Business Broker Blog have access to:
  • New content every month often including:
    • SBA Update
    • Hot Business List
    • BRG Online Updates
    • Profile of a featured business broker
    • Financing Information
    • Prospecting Information
  • the entire archive of The Business Broker in an easily searchable format.

The Business Broker Blog allows brokers and intermediaries to keep their finger on the pulse of the profession.

The Business Broker