How Can BBP Help?

If you are considering business brokerage as a career, we strongly suggest that you read The Complete Guide to Business Brokerage. This book covers the entire profession and not only provides you with a basic primer, but also offers you the information you need to determine if business brokerage is something you should continue to investigate. We suggest that if you feel comfortable, excited and enthusiastic about business brokerage as a career after reading The Complete Guide to Business Brokerage, you should continue your investigation by considering the best avenue for you to enter the profession. On the other hand, after reading The Complete Guide to Business Brokerage, you may realize that entering business brokerage is perhaps one of the worst ideas you have ever had.

If you decide to further consider business brokerage, or are even ready to jump into the profession, Business Brokerage Press has a complete line of publications, services and resources to help you get started. Our Start-Up Package offers you a great place to start at a discounted price. SiteBuilder offers you a customized website for making professional first impressions with your online visitors. To assist you in prospecting for listings, our Prospecting Newsletters give new brokers the advantage over the competition with an exclusive territory to distribute a professional newsletter that looks custom created from your office. And, to keep your name in front of your prospects, CampaignDrops offers you an industry-specific email marketing system.

Business Brokerage Press prides itself on providing the personal touch. As a result, we have helped more people become successful business brokers than any other source. If you have any questions about the profession or how we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-239-5085.