Business Reference Guide

For over 30 years, BRG has been the essential guide to pricing businesses, providing business transaction professionals with up-to-date rules of thumb and pricing information for nearly 600 types of businesses.

Most entries contain:

  • Rules of Thumb for pricing businesses
  • Key pricing tips and comments from Industry Experts
  • Insightful benchmark information that provides comparison data
  • Invaluable industry resources such as associations, publications, and websites
  • Industry trends, data, and surveys

What can BRG do for me?

  • Provide information on all your mobile devices, so you can research an industry.
  • Allow you to search all entries containing a certain word
  • Help you create a specific industry profile branded with your logo, colors, and disclaimer
  • Allow you to create an informational package with rules of thumb, pricing tips, and benchmark data ready to be copied and pasted
  • Allow you to confirm the accuracy of your valuations with the most current data available, including entries added throughout the year.

“An Absolute Necessity—Invaluable to Anyone Involved in the Privately Held Business.”