Valuing Assets: Part 3

Valuing Assets: Part 3

by George D. Abraham
CEO & Chief Appraiser
Business Evaluation Systems


Care must be taken in assignments of condition ratings to accurately reflect the impact on value


New/near new or practically new mechanical condition, extremely low hours of use, no defects, and may still be under warranty.


Exceptionally good condition. May have just recently been completely overhauled or rebuilt with new or near new materials and/or has had such limited use that no repairs or worn part replacements are necessary. Very low hours of use.


In complete 100% operating condition. No known or obvious mechanical defects but may have some minor worn parts that will need repair or replacement in the near future. May have high hours of use but no defects are obvious.


Has very high hours or extended use. Defects are obvious and will require repair or general rebuild soon. Not 100% functional or efficient, may be operational or functional but questionable.


Has seen very hard and long hours of service. Requires rebuild, repair, or overhaul before it can be used. Not operational or functional.


Cost of repair exceeds value or cost or replacing with like equipment. Past useful or functional life and should be sold as scrap.

Tomorrow’s blog entry will complete this article with a discussion about how to determine conditions.

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