Baby Boomer Bubble???

Baby Boomer Bubble???

Surveys have suggested that there will be a flood of new businesses for sale as baby boomers reach the age of 65 and that this will drive down the price of firms.

We do not believe it and see no evidence of it.

The reality is that people are living longer and healthier and see no good reason for retiring just because a certain age has ticked over. Many have no faith in the government looking after them and are unimpressed with the returns from investment in term deposits, shares, property, and (naturally) finance companies.

Of course, every business changes hands eventually, but we are not expecting a sudden flood.

April Market Report from Clyth MacLeod

Business sales are still slow. The main problem is a lack of good listings – saleable businesses with proven profits or genuine potential. Owners are hanging on to their firms.

Yes, we have plenty ofbuyers – immigrants, corporate redundancies, returning ex-pats, and people wanting to fly on their own wings. They are cautious and credit is very difficult to obtain – but they are ready, willing, and able to buy when the right opportunity is presented. We welcome the new financial year and look to many more business sales.

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