Hot Business List — May 2011

Hot Business List — May 2011


This is the third instance where I have seen that E-Commerce is the top business of interest on  the current “hot” business list courtesy of data from Businesses For Sale ( The other two instances occurred April 2011 and November 2010. Join a discussion on LinkedIn about e-commerce businesses staying on the top of the lists of searched businesses.

Food type businesses take up 8 spots on the top 10. Nothing has changed. It’s reassuring to an old industry veteran that some things do stay the same. Food and Drink related businesses are still the main staple of businesses that buyers are looking for.

The below lists are a monthly ranking of business types based on the number of “hits” on the site. This ranking is not based on the actual sale of businesses.

Top Ten Main Street Businesses for May 2011:

1. E-Commerce Businesses

2. Miscellaneous Restaurants

3. Convenience Stores

4. Sandwich Delis

5. Bars

6. Restaurants

7. Websites

8. Fast Food Franchises

9. Non Franchised Fast Food Restaurants

10. Coffee Shops

Top Ten M&A Businesses for May 2011:

1. Fabrication Businesses

2. Drug Stores/Pharmacies

3. Military Retail Businesses

4. Wholesale Businesses

5. Machinery and Metal Manufacturing Businesses

6. Medical Supply Businesses

7. Home and Garden Businesses

8. Miscellaneous Manufacturing Businesses

9. Wood Products Manufacturing Businesses

10. Distribution Businesses

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