Hot Business List — July 2011

Hot Business List — July 2011

Below you will find the current “hot” business list courtesy of data from Businesses For Sale ( We asked Businesses For Sale for a monthly ranking of business types based on the number of “hits” on their site. This ranking is not based on the actual sale of businesses.

Top 10 Main Street Businesses:

1. E-Commerce

2. Convenience Stores

3. Websites

4. Restaurants

5. Sandwich Shops and Delivery Businesses

6. Bars

7. American Restaurants

8. Fast Food Franchises

9. Gas Stations

10. Bagel Shops

Top10 M&A Businesses:

1 . Medical Supply Businesses

2. Motels

3. Miscellaneous Manufacturing Businesses

4. Metal Products Manufacturers

5. Distribution Businesses

6. Oil and Petrochemical Related Businesses

7. Drug Stores/Pharmacies

8. IT Businesses

9. Health and Safety Businesses

10. Professional Services Businesses