The Three Biggest Myths About the S.B.A.

The Three Biggest Myths About the S.B.A.

Ami Kassar, small business blogger for the New York Times, shared his list of the three biggest myths about the Small Business Administration (S.B.A.). Read more about his three myths and be sure to read the comments below his article as they are also filled with real-life, practical information about S.B.A. experiences.

His three myths are:

1. The S.B.A. Lends Money;

2. When the S.B.A. Guarantees a Loan, There is No Need for Collateral; and

3. S.B.A. Loans Are as Easy to Get as Other Commercial Loans.

Ami Kassar founded MultiFunding, which is based near Philadelphia and helps small businesses find the right sources of financing for their companies.

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