Meet Don Daszkowski of the IFPG and Start Selling Franchises Today

Meet Don Daszkowski of the IFPG and Start Selling Franchises Today

Meet Don Daszkowski. He is the Founding Member of the International Franchise Professionals Group, which is also known as the IFPG. Business brokers may also be familiar with Don’s former company that he founded, Business Mart was acquired in 2009 and Don moved on to work on other projects. He has extensive experience working with business brokers, franchise brokers and franchisors.

After Don sold his business, he concentrated more on the franchise brokerage world. Through strategic partnerships, he helped build support systems for brokers and franchisors to communicate more effectively. During that time he began to realize that there was an opportunity to offer franchise brokers, business brokers and independent franchise brokers a place to network freely and do business together.

Don also analyzed the industry and identified a need for better tools to help brokers work with franchisors. One of the tools he has created is called the IFPG Lead Feed. It allows brokers who are having a difficult time placing a client into an opportunity find a more targeted placement for their client. Brokers submit these leads into the IFPG Lead Feed and this feed is presented to all of the IFPG Franchisor Members in a similar format to a Twitter feed or a Facebook feed. The lead is also scrubbed and is emailed out only to targeted franchisors that meet the specific criteria. This is just one of the tools created to help IFPG Members close more deals.


The IFPG allows franchise brokers and business brokers the opportunity to have their own portfolio of franchises to present to their clients. Currently the IFPG has over 350 franchise companies in their portfolio. Each of these companies pays commissions to IFPG brokers. The current monthly membership fee for a broker is $150 per month. In addition, the IFPG does not share in any broker commissions; all commissions are paid directly to the broker.

If you have considered selling franchises in the past but have not moved forward yet, now may be the time. The IFPG has a lot to offer and it is a great way to jump right from selling businesses to selling franchises. You can even start networking immediately with local franchisors in your area that want to pay you commissions through your IFPG Local Chapter. Hats off to Don and the IFPG.

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