How Google Reviews Build Trust with Your Clients

How Google Reviews Build Trust with Your Clients

There is a powerful tool out there that many business brokers overlook. The power Google Reviews came up in our recent webinar. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Anuva Technologies, Hemal Desai had a range of important ideas regarding why it is valuable for business brokers and M&A Advisors.

As Hemel points out, the world is changing. In particular, the way people are using technology is in a constant state of flux. Increasingly, people want to do their own research online before making any sort of decision, and that includes deciding which business broker they should ultimately choose. In the past, people would focus on factors such as references when choosing a business broker. There is no doubt that references can still play a role. But now reviews are even more vital.

Buyers and sellers alike realize that third party reviews are out of the control of the business broker. Online reviews, such as those found through Google Reviews, allow buyers and sellers to read more about you. They can also get the opinions of those who’ve worked with you before. They are likely to do this kind of research before deciding whether or not they will make contact.

Google, in general, enjoys a considerable level of trust. This factor helps to enhance the value of positive Google reviews. Simply stated, positive reviews have evolved into nothing short of a must have for business brokers.

Google reviews, when properly utilized, will quickly increase your business’s credibility and serve to boost trust before you’ve even communicated with a prospective client. Trust, in some form or another, is the basis of all economic transactions.

There are other factors that help to make Google Reviews essential. At the top of the list of reasons is that they allow you to see client feedback both good and bad. The negative feedback may be unfair or it may be legitimate. Either way, client feedback allows you to improve your overall processes.

Through Google Reviews, it is possible to learn what is working well and what is not working so well. Even unfair negative feedback may represent an opportunity to learn what to look out for when selecting clients and how to modify your processes to lower the risk of unfair negative feedback in the future. Google Reviews represent a new flow of information. As always, information is power.

Once you have Google Reviews in your hands, don’t be shy about using them. You should put your positive Google Reviews up on your website. You can also use them as text in your testimonial section. In this simple and highly cost-effective way, you can make your Google Reviews very powerful. Taking this step will often allow you to shape the first impression that a prospective client gets of your business before they even start researching you online!

Brand reputation is important for every business; however, brand reputation is uniquely important for business brokers. Buyers and sellers alike need to feel as though they can definitely trust you. It is important to never lose sight of the fact that when people turn to you, they are dealing with the single most important business decision of their lives. Your reputation as a business broker couldn’t be more important.

Business brokers are not like many other businesses. If things go wrong in most other businesses, there are variables that can be adjusted. New employees can be hired, new processes or products can be introduced, altered or fixed. Yet, this not the situation in our industry. A business broker whose reputation is significantly damaged will face a long road back. Brand reputation is of paramount important for business brokers. Online reviews and Google Reviews play an increasingly important role in that process.

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