Built to Sell Radio: What 250 Owners Have to Say About Selling Your Business

Built to Sell Radio: What 250 Owners Have to Say About Selling Your Business

It’s a big week at Built to Sell Radio as we celebrate our 250th episode. That’s 250 entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, and owners who have shared their stories and their time over the last 5 years.

To mark the event, Built to Sell Radio’s producer, Shawn McDonald, takes over the mic to highlight insights from some of the most talked-about, most popular, and most memorable episodes from the course of the show. Listen in for important lessons learned like:

Learning to Say No

  • How Mitch Durfee went from doing everything to doing one thing, and how saying no turned his business around
  • Why Rob Duvall and Paul Daly chose to specialize their business from the start, and how they managed when customers wanted something else

Knowing When It’s Time to Sell

  • Why Arvid Kahl and Danielle Simpson chose to exit Feedback Panda, even though it was earning a tidy sum in recurring revenue
  • The moment Jim Remsik knew it was time to sell, and why he’s happier working for someone else than running his own business
  • What professor Peter Fader did when NIKE showed up unexpectedly with an offer to buy his business

Coming Up With Million-Dollar Ideas

  • How Griffin Thall and his business partner took Pura Vida Bracelets from two guys on a beach selling jewelry to tourists to a $75 million exit
  • The deceptively simple technique David Bach uses to find $100 million business ideas
  • How Jean-Eric Plamondon made his business stand out in the grimy world of scrap metal
  • How Stephanie Breedlove took the problem of needing to pay one employee all the way to a $55 million exit

When The Exit Doesn’t Go as Planned

  • What to do when, like Sherry Deutschmann, your exit doesn’t lead to the happy ending that you and your employees were promised
  • The amazingly creative last-ditch strategy Diana House used to find a buyer

Master Negotiation Hacks

  • How Gary Miller got IBM to nearly quadruple their initial price without having to make a single counteroffer
  • The unique way Adam Ochstein negotiated a sale when all the buyer wanted was a partnership

These guests are just some of the 250 who have contributed to the show. If you’re thinking of exiting your company, we hope you’ve learned something from their stories. To see how your business could stack up to their exits, get your Value Builder Score, and understand the key drivers that are growing (or limiting) your company’s value today.

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