Let’s Chat…with Jim Parker: Business Brokers & Lawsuits

Let’s Chat…with Jim Parker: Business Brokers & Lawsuits

This episode is on Business Brokers & Lawsuits. When helping people buy and sell businesses, we may as business brokers see a deal go bad. When the deal does go bad, buyers and sellers might escalate the situation into a lawsuit among each other.

Unfortunately, as business brokers we might get caught up in the cross hairs of this situation and end up in a lawsuit. This video talks about how we can help protect ourselves when selling businesses and helping buyers buy businesses.

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This programs guests were:

Deborah Carman, Esquire. www. carmanlegal.com
Kenn Gluckman, Esquire – www.morankidd.com
Michael Johnson, AOR Insurance www.aorinsurance.com

Host: Jim Parker
Orlando, Florida Business Broker