How to Value Businesses During COVID 19

How to Value Businesses During COVID 19

How do you determine how much a business is worth or creating a valuation on a small business during the COVID-19?

As 2020 year-end financials are being released, what items should us business brokers keep in mind when reviewing last years P & L’s and tax returns amidst the pandemic? We will also discuss how business brokers should approach fair market valuations for such an unusual year.

We brought together a CPA, an appraiser and a SBA lender this week to discuss how these different professionals will each view and handle a business owner’s financials from their own profession’s view and how it could all interwind between the three. This was a great conversation that really brought attention to how financials are handled, how we should recast those financials and value the worth of businesses during the COVID-19.

The Host:

Jim Parker
Florida Business Broker (Orlando, Tampa & South Florida)
Boss Group International, LLC

Our guests were:

Darren Mize, ASA (Business Appriser)
GCF Business Valuations

Lynne Singletary (SBA Lender)
First Internet Bank

Tom Osborne (CPA)
Kelsey Osborne LLC

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