Built to Sell Radio: The Turnaround

Built to Sell Radio: The Turnaround

Mike Agugliaro is an electrician by trade and over 12 years built Gold Medal Service to around $700,000 in revenue with his partner Rob Zadotti.

The days were long, which was one reason Zadotti decided to quit.

Agugliaro took a few days to consider how things had gotten so bad. He realized they had been making a lot of mistakes and knew they could do better.  Agugliaro convinced his partner that if he would stay, they could build a better company together.

Zadotti agreed, and that kicked off a journey that would see Agugliaro and Zadotti build Gold Medal Service into a $32 million company with double digital profit margins.

In 2017, Agugliaro and Zadotti sold Gold Medal Service for a significant premium over the 5 x EBITDA multiple typical of the home services industry.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Ramp up your marketing.
  • Inspire your front-line staff to create customers who are raving fans.
  • Learn from the best in your industry.
  • Improve your cash flow with one simple philosophy.
  • Brand your company so that nobody will miss you.
  • Tell your employees you have sold your company.