Getting from Main Street to Wall Street with Rock LaManna Webinar 5/20/2021

Getting from Main Street to Wall Street with Rock LaManna Webinar 5/20/2021

Rock LaManna shared his secrets on how he became The Deal Flow Guy and how you can transition from Business Broker to M&A Advisor. Rock shows you how to build strong relationships, get referrals and close bigger deals.

As the CEO of LaManna Consulting Group — a boutique consultancy focused in the specialty graphic arts industry — Rock LaManna knows that being a business advisor and broker in today’s market is a rough road.

In his consulting practice Rock regularly educates industry professionals and service providers on how to raise their game. Known for being direct, Rock lays it on the line for business brokers:

  • To be successful in today’s buy-sell environment, brokers must bring more value and expertise to their client relationships.
  • They must be a respected player in the buy-sell value chain.
  • Whether it’s building more strategic relationships, getting referrals, or closing bigger deals, it’s all about creating and leveraging deal flow.

Deal flow is a term financial professionals use to describe the rate at which business proposals and investment pitches are received. The pitches typically come from entrepreneurs or companies in which the fund is already invested or from attorneys, accountants, or advisors who are familiar with the group’s investment criteria.

This informative webinar allowed Rock to share with you his experience in becoming a trusted M&A Advisor in his industry.

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