Around the Web: A Week in Summary

Around the Web: A Week in Summary

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A recent article from Forbes entitled “The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Franchise” offers insights for those considering the purchase of a franchise. While franchising can alleviate many hurdles you might face when starting a business from scratch, it’s not necessarily the right fit for everyone.

Some of the pros of buying a franchise include:

  • Having a proven concept
  • Established brand recognition
  • The ability to quickly enter a new industry
  • Support from the franchisor
  • Existing corporate partnerships
  • Less risk
  • Network of fellow franchisees

Some of the cons of buying a franchise include:

  • The franchise fee
  • The royalties
  • Limited creative control
  • Territory restrictions
  • Negative happenings at other franchise locations can reflect poorly on your location

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A recent article from Portland Business Journal entitled “7 things to expect when selling a manufacturing business” discusses common stages of the sale process for businesses such as manufacturing companies. This scenario is specific to asset sales of privately held businesses.

7 common stages include:

  1. Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  2. Valuation and initial diligence
  3. Letter of intent (LOI)
  4. Due diligence
  5. Purchase agreement
  6. Deliverables for the transaction
  7. Closing

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A recent article from Exit Strategies Group entitled “Know the 3 types of business buyers and what motivates them” explores the primary types of buyers when it comes to the sale of a business. These buyer types have unique motivations which are important to understand as a seller.

Individual buyers may include a first time buyer looking to escape the corporate life and control their own path, as well as serial entrepreneurs who have already successfully exited a business and are looking to take over another business.

Financial buyers may include private equity firms who are looking to put their investors’ money to work in a scalable business, family offices who are looking to invest money from a high-worth family, and search funds which are typically individuals backed by investors looking to buy a business and get a return.

Strategic buyers may include businesses in the same industry looking to grow their market share via acquisition, businesses looking to expand their offerings by acquiring a complimentary business, and businesses looking to grow vertically by acquiring up or down the supply chain.

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