Around the Web: A Week in Summary

Around the Web: A Week in Summary

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A recent article from Forbes entitled “What To Consider If You’re Thinking About Selling Your Company” explores how to know when it might be the right time to sell your business. Opportunities and situations may arise that make you consider a sale.

Common signs that it may be time to sell your business include:

  • Waking up in the morning without the passion and drive to run the business
  • Finding it challenging to continue to scale the business
  • Economic conditions influencing the business and growth opportunities

It is also important to consider the family legacy and other personal aspects of moving on from the business.

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A recent article from Entrepreneur entitled “When Should Business Owners Start Developing an Exit Plan? Here’s What You Need to Know.” discusses why business owners should plan their exit ahead of time and helpful tips in doing so. Your exit is a transformative moment that should be properly planned for well in advance.

Exit planning can help maximize growth and profit. It can help develop a business that runs without the owner. And it can help craft decisions now and in the future with long-term goals and success in mind.

Proper exit planning should involve objectives, clear exit goals, the owner’s personal financial situation, investment trends in similar businesses, tracking of progress, and a succession strategy for key people.

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A recent article from Forbes entitled “The Benefits Of Various Exit Strategies: Planning And Getting The Most Out Of A Sale” discusses four types of exit strategies. These exit strategies are ways to sell or dispose of a business asset.

These four types of exit strategies include:

  1. Initial Public Offering – Going public with stock or other forms of security for purchase by the general public.
  2. Mergers and Acquisition – One company buying all or the majority of another company.
  3. Private Equity Investment – Acquisition of a company by a private equity firm.
  4. Private Investment in Public Equity – Large institutional investors buying securities in a newly formed company at a significantly discounted price.

It is important to choose an exit strategy that best aligns with your goals and helps you get the most out of the sale. It is also important to work with experts who can guide you through the exit from start to finish.

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