Around the Web: A Week in Summary

Around the Web: A Week in Summary

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A recent article from Smart Business Dealmakers entitled “4 Tips For Preparing To Sell Your Business” discusses the 4 key tips Joel Grebenick has for any business owner who is thinking about selling their business.

Joel Grebenick has seen a lot of deals over his career as an investment banker and private equity investor. When it comes to preparing for an exit, here are 4 key areas sellers should consider:

  1. Hire good advisors from the sell-side M&A advisor to tax and accounting to, when necessary, environmental advisors
  2. Know the company’s numbers
  3. Be able to outline and profile the post-close management organization at the company, especially when selling to a financial buyer
  4. Detail a growth plan

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 A recent article from Forbes entitled “3 Ways To Mitigate Anxiety Of Passing On The Torch When Planning An Exit” discusses the top three ways to help yourself construct a plan that meets everyone’s needs when the big day arrives.

Stepping away from a company you built is difficult. You’re faced with a mix of emotions, not to mention a host of legal and administrative questions and concerns. Perhaps that’s why so many leaders put off planning their exits until the last minute. Yet delaying the inevitable only leaves the company and its stakeholders at serious risk of eventual failure.

As you create your exit strategy plan, remember the following tips:

  1. Focus on your organization’s true purpose throughout your succession planning.
  2. Prioritize transparent, albeit prudent, communication with stakeholders.
  3. Consider a gradual succession experience.

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A recent article from Bain & Company entitled “Preparing for Exit: A Buyer’s Market Is Coming for Tech Assets” discusses how to add value and when to add value to your company before strategizing your exit plan.

How to Add Value:

  1. Focus on margin improvement.
  2. Address weaknesses in the go-to-market model.
  3. Consider new growth vectors.

When to Add Value:

  1. Engage early to strengthen capabilities.
  2. Engage later with targeted actions.

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