Industry Survey 2017


The results of the survey provide important and valuable information useful within the business brokerage industry on an ongoing basis. The resulting data also provides benchmark information that we think every business brokerage firm can use to improve their business.

See how your office compares.  See where you may be spending too much or too little.  See what advertising has proven most effective within the industry.

A sampling of survey questions:

  • How many months is the average period between listings and sales?
  • What was your average number of businesses sold in 2016?
  • What was the main obstacle that prevented pending sales from closing?
  • What percentage is your customary commission rate?
  • What is the approximate amount spent on advertising per month (not counting recruiting)?
  • What percentage of your total buyer responses do you get from each of the following Internet listing exchange programs in a typical month?
  • Do you charge an upfront fee (not including those for valuation/pricing)?
  • How much should a new person be able to earn in their first 12 months in the business?

The 2017 Industry Survey includes responses from nearly 300 industry professionals from 41 states and over 8 countries outside of the United States. The survey results were collected in 2017 for the 2016 calendar year.