10 Tips to Take Aim at Your Target Market

10 Tips to Take Aim at Your Target Market

Who are your best clients? Wouldn’t you like to have more just like them? Most of us would. Start by gathering all the information you can about them. What do they have in common? Are they in the same or similar industries? The same size company? Here are some quick tips to help you take aim at your target market.

1. Pick a couple of your best clients, and write a brief case study about them for future use. Really consider your competitive advantages towards that market and include how the client benefitted from your service- and be sure to include the ROI realized from your service as well. This case study can be used in print as well as condensed and worked into a phone pitch.

2. Obtain a prospect list for that industry. Consider obtaining a trade association list for your target market, but also remember that the list you compile yourself often has the most value. Start right now to develop that list. If you can’t find the list you need, consider purchasing one through MarketReach for as little as $200. Need a template? Call us at MarketReach and we’ll send you a FREE example of how to build your list field headers!

3. Work the list. Phone calls and direct mail will get your list qualified. Dogged but tactful persistence will earn you a clean and valuable list.

4. Write an article for a Trade Publication. It’s an excellent way to increase your name recognition. Don’t like to write? Hire a ghost writer! Or at least consider advertising to this targeted audience.

5. Go to trade conferences or trade shows. Become an exhibitor. Walk the floor. Getting involved in shows allows you to become educated within the target market, build a warm list of prospects, and meet your prospects face to face!

6. Become a Speaker. Giving a presentation to your target market’s membership association is another good way to increase your visibility and credibility. Associations are often looking for speakers, and if you can build your brand and expertise around your topic, you will be sought after! Programming people enjoy bringing in speakers who are well-recommended or whom they have heard themselves. Make it easy for them and become proficient at speaking.

7. Which Linked-In groups do your prospects mingle in? Folks in the B2B space are still determining the value of Twitter and Facebook, however most B2B marketers can agree on the value of Linked In. LinkedIn offers a superb way to show your credibility and expertise. Make sure the posts you write are value-based additions. Hard sales are not well received in this type of social networking.

8. Build your email newsletter, phone, and social media list from all this marketing activity!

9. Do more phone calling and appointment setting. WARM calling is where it’s at! Congratulations, you are now an industry-specific expert! You have developed volumes of credibility from working with other companies “just like them.” Now, you will find it much easier to get in the door, spark interest in your introductory call, and get the meetings with your prospects!

10. Rake in the business!

Use these tips to spend less on shotgun marketing and earn a greater ROI because you’ve identified a target market, and gone after it with a single minded, laser-focused approach!