There has been a lot written, and a lot of research, on happiness in recent times. There is general agreement on the ingredients contributing to happiness. We believe owning your own business ticks all the boxes.

Positive emotions – having enough to live a comfortable lifestyle, educate the kids, and buy what you want (within reason). The latest findings suggest that money does buy happiness.

Engagement – being involved in what you are doing, enjoying your job.

Meaning – not necessarily changing the world, but making a difference in people’s lives. It may just be the smiling barista who sets me up for the day with a superb cappuccino.

Accomplishment – building something through your skills, industry, and personality. Most businesses we see are improvable and it is rewarding to achieve this.

Relationships – perhaps the most important ingredient for happiness. With your own business you have customers and clients, suppliers, professional advisors, industry, networks, and, possibly, staff. With give and take, genuine interest in the other person, and a readiness to listen we can all build relationships that enrich us.