Tips for Cold Calling Success (Part 1 of 2)

Tips for Cold Calling Success (Part 1 of 2)

Suddenly the phone weighs 5,000 pounds. You can’t pick it up. You can’t make that dreaded cold call. The need to grow your business weighs heavy on your conscience. You can do it! You can pick up the phone and start making those calls! Here are some tips to start you on the road to introductory-calling success.

Develop a New Attitude

Many people feel they are “bothering” someone if they make a sales call. But remember, you owe it to your buying public to provide them with something that will save them money, improve the efficiency of their systems, or increase their sales. You are obliged to keep prospects informed and they, as consumers, have an obligation to keep informed of what else is out there. This bilateral relationship affords you the opportunity to reach your customers directly before they even realize your services exist (unlike other forms of advertising that either must be sought or stumbled upon, by the consumer). Your prospects may very well be currently buying products and services that you offer- give them the opportunity to buy them from YOU!

Use a script

The most important elements of a call are confidence and control on the part of the caller. A script will greatly reduce the “ahh’s” and “um’s” we often employ in conversation. Fill your script with probing questions and impending benefits and make sure you include a friendly introduction (including your name and company), possible objections (“Just send me something in the mail.”) and rebuttals (“Because we have such a wide variety of services available, it would be difficult to send you literature without knowing your needs.”) Be natural and conversational – a salesman who sounds as if they are a well-wound script-spewing machine is a turn-off. The customer must feel as if he/she is the only prospect on your call-list. You will probably only need your script for a few hours before you feel comfortable enough to proceed without it.

Qualify your prospects

Qualifications are questions intended to find out if you can develop a profitable relationship with the prospect. In order to prevent wasting time and resources, work into the conversation: “Is there anyone else that helps make these decisions besides yourself?” Prepare questions that will help guide your next meeting, such as “Who is your current vendor?” or “If you had a magic wand to make improvements on your current service, what would you do?” You’ll get many of the answers you need by asking the right questions.

Thursday’s post will continue with the final four tips…