Measuring Cold Canvas Success

Measuring Cold Canvas Success

We, very recently received the following question along with our response. As many of you know listing businesses is an important issue and a favorite subject of mine.

“I just wanted to give you a quick question. What would be a conservative number of returns on cold canvass we do?  What I mean by the return is # of listings we should get from the cold canvass.”

My response:

Tough question! For example: Over what time period? How many visits to the same business? What kind of follow-up does one do? And so on. My suggestion is that after a personal visit, depending on the response, a note should be sent, emailed, etc. thanking them for taking the time to visit, etc. Obviously, a lot depends on the response of the business owner.

Very seldom does one get a listing on the first visit. However, a “gut feel” for the business’s reaction can depend on the follow-up, if any.


A combination of personal visits, direct mail and telephone follow-up is a good strategy. As I keep saying, listings are the key to success in the business. Some people like a direct mails program (and the key is too maintain it) – about 500 every 3 months – to the same 500. Phone works but is difficult to keep up.

A combination of mail and personal contact seems to work the best.


The key is that no matter what one does – keeping it up is the key.