Let’s Rumble…. Talking about Co-brokering Business Sales

Let’s Rumble…. Talking about Co-brokering Business Sales

This was the most contentious programs we had as of the date of uploading this video.

I believed this would be one of the most entertaining programs we have had yet. In my opinion, it lived up to that. After the live program, I received a ton of emails. Some hating this episode, others saying it was the best one yet.

We spoke about co-brokering. As business brokers we feel very compassionate one way or another about this topic.

Do you make more money co-brokering or does it cause more problems and you make less money.

We had business brokers calling in from all over the country including Hawaii and people calling from Canada giving their opinions.


Roberta Caputo, South Florida President (BBF)
Treve Kinsey, Transworld
Joe Santora, Carolina Virginia Business Brokers Association

HOST: Jim Parker