Let’s Chat…with Jim Parker – Taxes & the Sale of a Business

Let’s Chat…with Jim Parker – Taxes & the Sale of a Business

Selling a business for top price does not matter if the structure of the deal or lack of tax planning creates a huge tax bill for the Seller. Buyers of businesses also will have tax situations that could greatly benefit them if proper tax planning is used.

Join us on Let’s Talk as our guest Bart Basi, is one of the country’s experts on tax planning for acquisitions. Dr. Basi is an Attorney at Law as well as CPA discusses how structuring a deal and planning can save business owners large amounts of taxes. Bart has saved business owners hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in taxes for his clients.

Dr. Basi also teaches IRS agents, CPA’s, Business Brokers and other on tax consequences and tax planning in regards to selling businesses and helps write tests that CPA’s take for continuing education.

This is great information that every business broker should be aware of. (of course any Seller or Buyer of a business)

At the end of the interview, we will be “opening” up the lines for you to ask questions.


Dr. Bart A. Basi, Senior Advisor
CPA / Attorney at Law
Basi, Basi & Associates at
The Center for Financial, Legal & Tax Planning, Inc.
4501 W. DeYoung St., Suite 200
Marion, Illinois 62959

HOST: Jim Parker

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