Using the Entrepreneurial Operating System to Enhance Company Accountability and Mission Clarity

Using the Entrepreneurial Operating System to Enhance Company Accountability and Mission Clarity

In our article, The Transformative Benefits of the Entrepreneurial Operating Systems (EOS),” we covered an overview of EOS as well as some of the overarching thoughts Damon Neth discussed during last week’s BBP webinar. In this article, we’ll discuss how accountability makes EOS such a potentially powerful and game changing system for businesses.

Managing People

The most important asset that any company has is its people. As a result, it is absolutely essential to not only find the right people, but also to guide those people as efficiently and effectively as possible. As Neth explained, “You’ve got to be clear and transparent with people about what you need and about what success ultimately looks like. You want to make certain that everyone in the organization understands their job.”

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, the role of the generalist is quickly being eroded. In its place, we discover that people’s roles within companies are, by necessity, becoming more and more specific. All of this points to the increasing importance of clarifying people’s roles within companies and what is expected of them. Gray areas need to be eliminated as they impair team members’ understanding of their duties and responsibilities.

Accountability Charts

In an attempt to help team members to understand their jobs, EOS employs an accountability chart. It is through this chart that roles are clarified and a solid organizational structure and framework can take shape. This is, of course, a cornerstone for achieving lasting success and transforming an organization.

Neth’s noted, “Accountability can be the cornerstone of great culture, because it allows people to worry less and focus more, and ultimately feel more satisfaction in their jobs. It allows them to come together as a time of like-minded people trying to accomplish similar things, and it can be the basis for great culture.”

Accountability works to establish “swim lanes” in which major functions and individual jobs can be performed. It is also through accountability that one gains clarity into how each job functions and how much value that job ultimately returns to the organization in contrast to the resources it consumes.

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