Tactics to Overcome Bullying and Intimidation

Tactics to Overcome Bullying and Intimidation

In our previous article, “Intimidation in the Brokerage Industry,” we dove in and explored the fact of intimidation in the brokerage industry. The bottom line is that at some point you must be ready to deal with bullies. Bullying and intimidation tactics can come from any direction, according to our recent BBP webinar panelist Doug Robbins, founder of Robbinex®. Let’s take a look at some of his key thoughts on how to deal with intimidation in the industry.

Empowering Yourself

One of the single best ways to diffuse the intimidation efforts of buyers and their agents, or anyone involved in the buying and selling process, is for you to take steps to empower yourself. Empowerment has, at its root, a sense of authority.

It is difficult to intimidate a person who knows that he or she is competent and capable. If you are confident in the fact that you know what you are doing, it can be a shield against bullies, according to Doug Robbins.

Bolstering Your Presentations

When you invest time in your presentations, both business-related as well as personal, it can serve you well. Any factor that one can add to your overall presentation is a step in the right direction. For example, Mr. Robbins points to having powerful brochures that are packed with testimonials and references.

Being able to easily point to past successes and past clients who recommend you will underscore the fact that you are highly capable. Other forms of presentation, such as your website, should be highly professional. Business brokers and M&A advisors should have professional and up-to-date websites filled with educational information. Summed up another way, every aspect of your business presentations should point to the fact that you are proven, capable, and competent.

Investing the time to be well-prepared is well worth it and will serve you in the long run. When you do your research, understand your clients, and provide them with exceptionally well-prepared materials, it will help keep away those individuals who might otherwise resort to intimidation tactics. The better you represent your sellers, the more of a shield you will have against intimidation.

How Personal Appearance Ties In

Another major shield against intimidation and bullying comes in the form of personal appearance. Mr. Robbins notes that personal appearance is not a one-dimensional affair. Instead, it can come in many forms.

Sellers, buyers and their agents will potentially notice every aspect of your personal appearance and dress, including what kind of materials you use, your clothing, and even your car.

While Mr. Robbins acknowledges that the business world has become more relaxed in terms of personal appearance in recent years, there is no doubt that appearance still remains an important factor.

When you are prepared, knowledgeable, and have invested the time to cultivate the right appearance and persona, you can be very hard to intimidate. Mr. Robbins pointed out that in order to be successful and have staying power in the industry, you will have to overcome a diverse array of challenges. If you can reduce the instances of intimidation tactics in your career, it will go a long way towards increasing your levels of success.

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