The BizBuySell Insight Report

The BizBuySell Insight Report

BizBuySell’s Doug Whitmire and Adam Debussy joined us for our webinar for the week of November 18, 2021. Mr. Whitmire is the Director of Sales at BizBuySell and Adam Debussy is Senior Marketing Director. In this webinar, Mr. Whitmire and Mr. Debussy touch on a variety of key facts and provide a recap of the Quarterly Insight Report, which includes transactions, trends as well as survey data from three key groups: business brokers, buyers and business owners.

A key fact that Whitmire and Debussy want listeners and readers to know is that BizBuySell considers the different needs of the key groups that they serve. The information presented and overall user experience is tailored to meet the needs of the specific users.

Actionable information is presented to business brokers, entrepreneurs, as well as buyers and sellers. Each of these four different groups are provided with the kind of data that they really need to be successful. That information is distilled into easily digested user interface.

For example, BizBuySell helps business brokers drive more deals, as it is their goal to be the leading source of listings for both buyers and sellers. Further, they seek to help brokers sell more businesses at a faster rate and do so with minimal friction. At the heart of the entire process is a desire to provide all users of BizBuySell with useful information and tools that can measure important areas, such as marketing effectiveness.

Whitmire and Debussy note that business brokers and M&A advisors using BizBuySell will want to invest the time to carefully complete their profile page. A good example of information that should be included is a listing of professional associations and memberships as well as listings sold and current listings. In short, a broker’s page should provide all necessary relevant information. It should clearly showcase to prospective clients that the broker has a track record of success. More information about how BizBuySell helps brokers can be found at

In our next article, we will turn our attention to a business development of the pandemic: the labor shortage. The pandemic fueled labor shortage continues to play a key role in the buying and selling of businesses in 2021 and beyond.