What is BizBuySell?

What is BizBuySell?

For our last BBP webinar, we were joined by BizBuySell’s Doug Whitmire and Adam Debussy to discuss their latest quarterly report and also how they assist industry professionals as well as buyers and sellers. Click here to access the webinar. You already might be familiar with BizBuySell and what they offer, but Whitmire and Debussy discussed what they do more in depth during our webinar. They also pointed out their new offerings.

Doug Whitmire began his time with BizBuySell in 2016, and he is currently the Director of Sales at BizBuySell and BizQuest. Mr. Whitmire has over 25 years of experience in online marketing platforms. Joining Mr. Whitmire was Adam Debussy, Senior Marketing Director at BizBuySell. Let’s take a closer look at steps that BizBuySell is taking to help the brokerage industry at large.

Maximizing Exposure

BizBuySell has a range of ways that it helps buyers, sellers, business brokers, and M&A advisors. Brokerage professionals can use BizBuySell as a way to maximize the exposure of their listings and, in the process, attract new buyers and sellers. As Mr. Whitmire states, “we want to give you the tools, the information and the analytics so that you have insight on what’s happening with your listings.”


For Whitmire and Debussy, the sales process begins with evaluation. As you know, valuation stands as one of the primary ways that you can assist a seller, as knowing the true value of a business is a powerful tool for any business owner. Knowing the value of a business also empowers business brokers and M&A advisors as they are able to provide better comps.

Mr. Whitmire points out that BizBuySell’s data shows that providing more financial data about a listing leads to more engagement from buyers and, in turn, more leads. It is key to provide at least one of the three key pieces of information: the asking price, cash flow or EBITDA. Preferably all three would be included.


BizBuySell also focuses on offering unique content that specifically addresses the needs of brokers. To make this happen, BizBuySell has teamed with a range of experienced business brokers who are covering topics relevant to business owners, buyers, and sellers. For example, they feature articles that focus on how to make a business more interesting to a potential buyer. These resources help to position BizBuySell a go-to place for a range of relevant information.

Of course, every quarter BizBuySell publishes Insight Reports complete with interactive market data. These reports offer a comprehensive overview of trends that are essential for brokerage professionals to know about. The latest report can be accessed here.