5 Great Reasons Why Business Brokers Should be Using ShareFile

5 Great Reasons Why Business Brokers Should be Using ShareFile

Our recent Business Brokerage Press webinar was a deep dive into ShareFile and using a data room. Deal Studio Founder and Business Brokerage Press President, Ron West shared why he believes that ShareFile is “the perfect fit for our industry.“ He regularly recommends this software to clients and feels that all business brokers and M&A advisors should consider using it.

It’s important to note that Ron West is in no way affiliated with ShareFile and is receiving no compensation for this recommendation.

Before we go into West’s recommendations, let’s take a quick look at what ShareFile is for those who are unfamiliar with this service. The software is meant to encourage secure collaboration and to assist with tasks involving documents and workflow needs. It is designed to be a tool for both large and small businesses. Additionally, ShareFile offers client portals, data rooms and storage.

1. Reasonable Fees

At the very top of the list of reasons why West is such a strong supporter of ShareFile is the price. It is possible to use ShareFile for as little as $88 per month for up to five employees. In contrast, other services can cost much more. While Google Drive and OneDrive are free, West points out that they are not as secure and lack the professionalism provided by ShareFile. Other options don’t provide the audit and permissions controls seen in ShareFile. Ultimately, West feels that ShareFile “hits a very sweet spot on price and features.”

2. Simplicity

Simplicity is second on West’s list of reasons that business brokers should consider using ShareFile. He notes that the interface is easy to understand, easy to use and is very neat and clean.

3. Security

West believes that confidential information is very well protected with ShareFile. The company’s owner, Citrix, is well-known for reliability and ability to keep information confidential. Additionally, ShareFile provides the option to sync to a user’s desktop and, in the process, reduce dependency on the cloud.

4. Branding

As West states, “It’s always good to see your colors and your logo on something. I think this is a huge selling point for ShareFile over Google Drive and OneDrive.” He cites the example of a client being able to go to a branded e-signature portal instead of having to print out a listing agreement, sign it, scan it and email it back.

5. Streamlined Syncing

The fifth reason that West encourages business brokers to adopt ShareFile is the software’s ability to sync and upload to other software, such as Google Drive and OneDrive. Importantly, users can sync, upload and connect to their local desktop, and do so quickly.