Glen Cooper on The Future of Business Brokerage: 5 Tools We Need for the Years Ahead! – Tool #4: Our Time Control Tool Webinar, 9/26/2023

Glen Cooper on The Future of Business Brokerage: 5 Tools We Need for the Years Ahead! – Tool #4: Our Time Control Tool Webinar, 9/26/2023

Glen Cooper continued his 7-part webinar series on “The Future of Business Brokerage!” In this 5th-in-the-series webinar, he quickly reviewed what we covered so far in his series, introduced us to what is actually Tool #4 in his 5-tool “kit.” We will cover Tool #5 next month, on October 26th, then Glen summarized the whole course on December 14th, Glen’s last webinar this year.

This webinar included:

1) A review discussion of How to Predict the Future, the Five Fundamental Tools and the “latest wrinkles”. Yes, there is a way to predict the future! But, for folks who missed Parts 1-4 in February, March, April & May, Glen summarized what we discussed in those previous sessions.

2) Glen introduced us to Tool #4, Our Time Control Tool. Learning business brokerage is like drinking from a firehose! Right? Especially when you’re new to this field, it’s just awful. But, today, with artificial intelligence (AI) changing the landscape so quickly and dramatically, we’re ALL back on the learning curve that seems to kill our soul! And, Glen’s “Time Control Tool” isn’t quite what you think it is. Expect a surprise here.

How do we now choose the path we should take to become the best business broker in our market? Just exactly what do we need to demonstrate to clients what we can really do for them? And, how can we do all that we need to do, and still have a happy and fulfilling personal life?

Glen shared his own personal journey with us – even things that have happened to him just this summer! – and tell us what his latest thinking is on this subject.

3) Finally, an OMG! discussion. Either as a “newbie” to business brokerage or as an “oldie,” each of us now finds ourselves asking, “Who the hell has time to learn all this crap!!!” Glen’s going to teach us the best answer (well, at least his proposed best answer) to this very relevant question.

From the moment we engage our seller prospects in initial meetings, until we work with our seller clients and their professional advisors at the closing, we need to be thinking of just how a buyer is going to buy the business we’re selling. Everything we do would be made better if we could predict the future. Right?

We also need to keep our “eyes on the prize,” though, as we try to make sense of what we’re doing each day to learn and move forward and still have a personal life! Is this what Glen’s series is about? Therapy for business brokers? Well, maybe. You’ll figure it out.

Perhaps the most important element is that we have to keep it simple, so that everyone understands why we’re doing what we’re doing, especially us! We also need to keep a sharp eye out for disruptors! Disruptors are the things we can’t predict. S&!!t happens!

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