C-Store vs. Quick Serve Restaurant

C-Store vs. Quick Serve Restaurant

We found the following of interest to anyone selling C-Stores. The chart points out the growing popularity for convenience food.

“Reasons for choosing this c-store over other places for purchasing prepared food over even quick service restaurant. Note also that convenient location was very important over quick services establishments.

C-store vs. QSR off-premises, 2009 percent of traffic

Reasons C-Store QSR off-Premises
Convenient Location 56% 40%
Always/Regularly go there 25% 18%
Did not have time/hurry 23% 18%
I like it there 23% 29%
Good price 21% 25%
Had a special taste/craving 10% 23%
Went for specific menu item 10% 20%
Quality of food 10% 17%
Good variety of foods to choose 09% 10%
Wanted a light meal 07% 04%”


Source: The NPD Group as seen in Nation’s Restaurant News, October 18, 2010. www.nrn.com

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