Serious About Success (Part 1 of 2)

Serious About Success (Part 1 of 2)

The following are opinions. But, they are based on almost 30 years experience in listing and selling businesses, and, during that time, training literally hundreds of agents in offices nationwide, then being able to observe the practices of the successful, and the not so successful, agents. These are a few of the reliable “truths” I’ve observed, along with my theory about “Prime Time” and “Flex Time”.


This is Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. These are the days and hours most buyers, sellers, bankers, lawyers, accountants and landlords are easiest to make appointments with. This represents 40 hours per week, 172 hours per month (with 5 days times 4.3 weeks average per month), and about 2,054 hours per year, of PRIME TIME, available to each of us.


Weekends anytime, and weekdays after 5pm and before 9am. Some of these hours, also, are times when you can meet with prospects and influential contacts, and, these are the hours that we should use to schedule non-business activities (family time, sleep, hobbies, recreation, etc). This represents 16 FLEX TIME hours per day, 128 hours per week, 550 hours per month, and 6,604 FLEX TIME hours per year available to you.


We should do everything in our power to use PRIME TIME for (a) contacting prospects to arrange appointments, and (b) for meeting with prospects. Anything else should be scheduled, if possible, during FLEX TIME hours. This plan would give you 20 hours per week to work seller prospects, and 20 hours per week to work buyer prospects. Anything else you do during PRIME TIME will steal the time you need to make the income you wish and need.


Yes, I’m suggesting that you do “computer research” before 9am, or after 5pm, or nights, or weekends, not Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm (I find it fascinating how many hours/days some agents spend on “research” on computers, especially agents, it seems, who have too few deals, not enough personal listings, a low number of buyer interviews, and not enough seller meetings).

Yes, I’m also suggesting the same for major copying jobs, reading, listing packaging, family activities, golf, “goofing off”, hobbies, “hanging out” with other agents, going to the movies, and everything else you do that has nothing to do with prospecting and meeting with prospects. If you have a 2nd job, that’s ok with ABMI, but, it shouldn’t be one that “sucks up” PRIME TIME hours. If your second job isn’t during FLEX TIME hours, you can’t possibly devote enough hours or energy to business brokering to make the income you dream of.

After all, we only have 40 hours per week of PRIME TIME, the best time to reach prospects, and we have 128 hours per week of FLEX TIME for non-marketing activities. Surely we can devote the 40 hours to making a living in business brokerage. 40 hours per week is not “slave labor”. It’s not compulsive, obsessive behavior. It’s reasonable, smart, possible, and intelligent. That plan gives you a decent chance at success. And, it still leaves plenty of FLEX TIME for living a “balanced” life, not dominated by your job. Any use of PRIME TIME for activities best scheduled for FLEX TIME is nothing less than “practicing avoidance” of the career responsibilities you owe yourself and your family.

(to be continued tomorrow…)

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