Serious About Success (Part 2 of 2)

Serious About Success (Part 2 of 2)

This article is a continuation from yesterday’s posting about PRIME TIME and FLEX TIME.


Think of the 24 hours all of us have each day as a TIME “BANK”. And, if you “borrow” any hours from PRIME TIME for activities better suited for FLEX TIME, you need to “pay back your TIME BANK”.

In other words, if you play golf for 8 hours on Tuesday, you should “self manage” and promise yourself that you will devote 8 FLEX TIME hours to marketing, to pay back the 8 PRIME TIME hours you borrowed. Better yet, play golf after 5pm. You absolutely can get in 9 holes (or more), easily, before dark, after 5pm, in the summer time (playing 9 holes, each of 2 weekdays after 5 pm, still gives you 18 holes, right?). So, (if you owed yourself 8 Prime Time hours you “borrowed”), you could devote 1 ½ hours per night, for a week, to phoning buyers you couldn’t reach during the day (a brilliant idea, anyway, as many buyers can’t be easily reached during the day, anyway). Or, you could devote 2 Saturdays, of 4 hours each, to “blitz” calling buyers you can’t reach during the week (again, a great idea, that works, since lots of buyer prospects are home on Saturday mornings, relaxed, and receptive to talking).

Or, if you go to your child’s soccer game (or a recital, or whatever) on Friday from 1pm to 5pm, you then “owe” your TIME BANK 4 hours of FLEX TIME (to do marketing) to pay back the 4 hours of PRIME TIME you borrowed.

So, I’m not promoting your neglecting your family, nor making them suffer over your devotion to making money. If you plan intelligently, you can truly lead a balanced life that makes time for both important activities.


To see where you are now, in your daily activities, start keeping a personal log of the time you spend each day on (a) trying to contact prospects, and on (b) actually meeting with prospects. If you are logging less than 40 hours of those activities per week, it is unlikely you will be successful reaching acceptable income goals in business brokerage.

If you are spending 40 hours on “pure marketing” per week, but don’t have at least 10 personal listings at all times (that are at least 6 month Sole & Exclusives, properly priced and packaged), and if you don’t have several offers signed both ways, most months, you are obviously investing the time, but you may need some coaching on improving your technique.

If you’re not devoting at least 40 PRIME TIME hours to marketing, that’s your fault, frankly, as you have the power to make good things happen. If you are devoting at least 40 PRIME TIME hours, and not yet at the income levels you wish, let us help you. Every ABMI agent is intelligent, has excellent communications skills, is highly trained, has all the tools it takes to be successful, and has hundreds of buyer and seller leads.

So, you have everything it takes to be successful, if you invest the time, and if you come at it every day with an upbeat, positive, energetic, enthusiastic, attitude, and if you are “Serious About Success”. It’s really not very complicated, folks. It just takes an admirable, logical plan, and a reliably constant work ethic.