Own Your Own Business ~ The Best Investment

Own Your Own Business ~ The Best Investment

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Clyth at the recent IBBA Conference in California. It’s a long trip from New Zealand to the states so he only attends one conference a year. He has been in our business for 50 years and will soon celebrate his 80th birthday. He is still quite active in his business brokerage business. And, he has been quite successful.

The first brief article below is important to all business brokers. Our basic job is selling the concept that owning your business is the key to success, happiness and everything else that is good. I think that too many business brokers are so busy sitting behind the computer, trying to arrive at just the right price (which it really never is) instead of selling the fact hat owning one’s own business is the only way to go!

The second, also very brief article, describes the make-up of his sales team. Read it twice.

Own Your Own Business ~The Best Investment

I enjoyed a coffee last week with a couple who have owned and operated a small suburban fast foods outlet for the last 8 years. They are now ready to move on and already have their next venture underway.

The fast food shop has been good to them. They have purchased three investment properties out of profits and are funding the new project without any borrowings.

They have been good for the business – growing it through pleasant personal service, excellent food, cleanliness, and hard work. That said, they only open 6 days per week and 48 hours per week.

Now they are ready to sell. Because they have grown the sales and profits they will make a substantial tax-free capital gain.

Their story re-inforces that owning your own business gives you control over your destiny, independence, challenge, and the opportunity to earn a really high income.

Immigrants… Welcome!

Auckland’s leading residential real estate firm, Barfoot and Thompson, recently published a list of their TOP 25 salespeople for the year. 19 of them had Asian surnames.

We believe this demonstrates the industriousness, commitment, and professionalism that many immigrants bring to a new career in a new country. Without the “old boy” networks from school and sport that those born here enjoy, these new New Zealanders compensate with enthusiasm, persistence, and hard work.

Our own business sales company has Korean, Chinese, Indian, and South African born comprising 50% of our team. They confirm my belief that immigrants enrich our country culturally and financially. We have some tasty luncheons too.