3 Reasons Why the Brokerage Industry Should Use Google Analytics

3 Reasons Why the Brokerage Industry Should Use Google Analytics

In our last article, “How Google Analytics Can Benefit Your Business,” Google Analytics, WordPress and SEO expert, Hemal Desai of Anuva Technologies touched on why it is essential for business brokers to incorporate Google Analytics into their websites. This information was discussed in our recent webinar, which can be viewed by clicking here. In this article, we’ll cover some of the key benefits that come along with adopting and using Google Analytics.

1. Learn who is visiting your website

Once you have the Google Analytics tracking code placed on your website, you’ll begin to receive detailed information about your visitors. In fact, many business owners are shocked by just how much information they will receive once they’ve placed the Google Analytics tracking code on their site.

Some of the key information you’ll receive includes the number of users; number of sessions; bounce rate; number of pages visited; the geographical locations of where users are coming from; and the gender and age of your visitors. All of this information is presented in an easily digestible format on your personal Google Analytics page.

As Desai points out, understanding who is visiting and how long they are staying on a given page or your site is a massive step towards improving your website and increasing your conversions. Through this new influx of data, you’ll be able to maximize your leads and enjoy a greater number of sales.

2. Learn where your visitors are from

Targeting the right audience is of paramount importance for any business, and this is doubly true for business brokers and M&A advisors. Through the information gained via Google Analytics, it is possible to know not just the geographical region of a visitor but even the state and city in which they are located. Of course, this is very valuable information as this data allows you to access the effectiveness of ad campaigns and adjust them accordingly. If you are trying to focus on targeting clients in a certain region, you’ll find out if you’re successfully achieving that goal.

3. Track your conversions

Another key data point is tracking conversions. Conversions are essentially defined as a key action performed by the user, for example, signing up for a newsletter or downloading a white paper. In Google Analytics language, these conversion points are referred to as “Goals.”

Google Analytics lives up to its name in that it allows users to analyze their web traffic and how visitors are interacting with their page in a way they haven’t in the past. Ultimately, there are simple but surprisingly powerful ways that the data provided by Google Analytics can potentially transform how business brokers and M&A advisors do business. Making the most of this free tool and the data it provides could prove to be transformative.