Additional Reasons Why Business Brokers Should Consider ShareFile

Additional Reasons Why Business Brokers Should Consider ShareFile

In our previous article, we looked at Ron West’s first five reasons why business brokers should use ShareFile. This topic was originally discussed during one of our webinars at Business Brokerage Press. In this article, we’ll look at some additional reasons why West believes ShareFile is an indispensable tool for business brokers.

Easy to Integrate

West believes that ShareFile integrates easily with both Outlook and Gmail. It is possible to share files directly from your desktop. He additionally notes that the mobile application is fluid and intuitive and allows for fast sharing on the go.

Use of Templates

Another point in favor of business brokers adopting ShareFile is it allows for the use of templates in a streamlined manner. West is a big fan of templates, and it is easy to see how they can function to save users considerable time. Through templates, it is possible to have files, documents, educational pieces, marketing and more all ready to go in a template every time you create a new listing.


With a name like ShareFile, it should come as no surprise that ShareFile aims to simplify sharing. Communication done via the ShareFile app is easy, which makes the eighth reason why West believes business brokers should use ShareFile. West noted, “Whatever I need to communicate, I can do it from ShareFile very easily.”

Activity Reporting

Ron West points out that ShareFile is a winner for business brokers due to the fact that auditing, activity log, history and reporting are just a couple of clicks away. “I can get a whole log of all viewing activity and downloading with just a click,” West commented. Finally, West points out that ShareFile is great with automations.

Business brokers and M&A advisors should always be on the lookout for simple and cost-effective tools that could be gamechangers. ShareFile checks all the boxes in the categories of affordability, simplicity, security, branding, ability to sync and upload, integration, use of templates, sharing, auditing and history and use with automations. All of this is backed by Citrix’s security and reliability as well as a robust app that allows for business to be done on your phone from pretty much anywhere.

The bottom line is that considering its very affordable price point, ease of use, and high level of functionality, ShareFile has a great deal to offer those working in the brokerage industry. You could pay more for similar software that did not provide the level of professionalism you gain through branding. At the end of the day, ShareFile is a time-saving, cost-effective winner.

* Ron West is in no way affiliated with ShareFile and is receiving no compensation for this recommendation.