A New Revenue Stream for Business Brokerage Professionals

A New Revenue Stream for Business Brokerage Professionals

Dale Willerton, “The Lease Coach” recently joined us for a Business Brokerage Press webinar providing an array of insights into what business brokers and M&A advisors can do to tap into a largely overlooked stream of revenue. Not only is this stream of revenue overlooked, but it is also income that aligns with any brokerage professional’s core business.

Dale Willerton’s Background

Willerton is the author of “Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals for Dummies.” He has a tremendous amount of experience under his belt and has earned millions for coaching, consulting and negotiating lease deals, with a staggering 3000+ leasing projects to his credit.

Willerton’s business was born in the 1990s when he realized that tenants were not doing a good job representing their own interests. In short, tenants were leaving money on the table by not properly negotiating leasing deals. As any business broker knows, leasing deals are usually of extreme importance for business owners.

The Lease Coach Bootcamp

He has developed a process where professionals can learn from his experience via his The Lease Coach Bootcamp, which is designed to empower business brokers and M&A advisors to jump in and open up previously untapped business opportunities. Through this Jumpstart Bootcamp you can learn what you would need to know to step in and offer lease coaching services of your own.

An Untapped Opportunity

Negotiating a good deal could make the difference between a successful business and one that fails. Additionally, Willerton points out that business brokers often send him referrals, as they don’t want to lose a commission due to problems with landlords.

In a statement that should be of interest to business brokers and M&A advisors alike, Willerton states, “There is very little competition. There are very few people trying to help the tenant.” He further points out that there are a practically unlimited number of businesses just in the United States, and most of those businesses will need to negotiate a lease and do so repeatedly.

When you help a client buy a business, the odds are good that your client will need some lease work. All of these facts point towards a real opportunity for you not only when your client buys the business but, in the future, as well.

Willerton states, “Think of someone that you help lease a location for their restaurant now and five years from now they want to sell it, who are they going to come to? They going to contact you, right?” As he clearly outlines, you have numerous opportunities to put a lease coach skillset to work helping all kinds of clients.

In our next article, we’ll explore some of the unexpected aspects of being a lease coach. As it turns out a lease coach can do more than open up a new revenue stream, as the services provided by a lease coach can also lead to repeat business and customer loyalty.