What are the Tools of the Trade?

What are the Tools of the Trade?

In our recent Business Brokerage Press webinar, ”Tools of the Trade”, Business Valuation Resources (BVR) outlined how business brokers and M&A advisors can get more out of DealStats. That means that you can have “pricing benchmarks at your fingertips!” BVR provides premier content, which includes DealStats, to a range of business valuation and business brokerage professions.

Business brokerage professionals can use DealStats to derive an asking or selling price using transaction data from over 47,000 comparable sold businesses. In short, once you select comparable companies, the report is generated for your clients and even works to support your conclusions. In this article, we will explore how Business Valuation Resources can help you.

What is DealStats?

DealStats can be incredibly powerful, as it is information rich and dense. DealStats has existed for over 20 years serving our industry. In addition to containing transaction comps on sold businesses, DealStats includes financial statements, consideration details and structure, selling price multiples, financial ratios and a good deal more. Updated daily, DealStats creates valuation and pricing multiples to value and price companies and includes multi-analyst review and deal approval.

An Array of Information

Let’s take a closer look at some key information points. As mentioned earlier, DealStats includes an impressive 47,000 transaction comps from 202 fields. This massive amount of data comes from both business intermediaries and SEC/SEDAR filings. This information includes both private and public targets, with private targets accounting for 90% of the information. Additionally, DealStats includes asset sales, stock sales and covers 968 NAICS industries and 891 SIC industries. Importantly, DealStats is free to all contributors.

Easy to Access Information

Impressive amounts of information are, of course, far less useful and actionable without a way to properly access and process information. DealStats has a range of search features and functionality designed to help business brokerage professionals capitalize on all the DealStats has to offer.

DealStats search functionality is filterable by any field or even combination of fields, and the online view/layout is customizable in many ways. Users will find that DealStats provides transaction reports for each company sold and also calculates summary statistics of selected comparable companies.

Designed with an eye towards ease of use, DealStats functionality is such that users can copy and paste summaries into reports and Word documents. It is even possible to save searches for a later time and produce graphs and charts that easily display key data on the user’s comparable companies. And all data is quickly exportable to Excel or PDF.

In our next article, we will begin to explore all that DealStats has to offer. For business brokerage professionals, DealStats stands as a quick and intuitive way to access, filter and digest a considerable amount of information.