What Should You Be Aware of Before You Consider Acquisition Financing?

What Should You Be Aware of Before You Consider Acquisition Financing?

In our Business Brokerage Press webinar “Tools of the Trade,” we were joined by SBA expert Steve Mariani. Mariani stands as one of the industry’s leading minds, and has been involved in the small business realm since 1978. Today, his Raleigh, North Carolina based Diamond Financial Service stands as the nation’s leading source for business acquisition loans from $400,000 to $5,000,000.

During this webinar, which can be accessed here, we covered the latest acquisitions financing updates. Mariani went over the recent SBA changes and how they will affect future transactions. He also shared the top five adjustments that every U.S. based intermediary needs to know before considering acquisition financing for their clients.

This informative webinar covered alternatives to earn-outs; protecting minority partners; including sellers during partial ownership changes; structuring adjustments required when including real estate in business acquisitions; SBA fee changes and updates; and changes in collateral requirements for buyers on small loan request. It is clear that these are key topics of interest to any business broker or M&A advisor as well as their clients.

Mariani also discussed the benefits of working with Diamond Financial Services. The company has over 28 years of experience. Since 1996, Diamond Financial has solely served the brokerage industry. Further, over one billion in SBA loans have been funded through this company. Mariani pointed out that Diamond Financing offers a three day YES or NO answer, saving brokers time and energy. More information is available at EasySBA.com.

More information about the top five changes that will affect you and your clients can be found in our next article based on this fact-based webinar. Please make yourself aware of these changes, as they will definitely impact how you and your clients proceed in the coming year.