What Will Your Brand Be in 2024 and Beyond?

What Will Your Brand Be in 2024 and Beyond?

Establishing your brand is serious business. In our last Business Brokerage Press webinar, we were joined by Co-Founder and Creative Director of Allie Weaver Productions, Allie Weaver. Weaver is an expert at helping business brokers and M&A advisors to define their brands.

She utilizes her background as both an educator and successful entrepreneur to help companies reach their goals. In our webinar, “Marketing Workshop: Who Will Your Brand Be in 2024?” Weaver guided us on the fundamentals of defining your brand and what it means for brokerage professionals as well as their clients. She explored some of the key ingredients involved in building a successful brand strategy as well as an array of benefits that come with building your brand.

Branding for Business Brokers

She aims to help brokerage professionals to create a blueprint for defining their brand. Weaver emphasized that it is important that business brokers and M&A advisors understand what their brand is and how they are interacting with potential customers.

You also need to gain insight into your current market position. Clarity of brand and the mission of your company is of paramount importance. She pointed out, “Our tagline as a defined brand is a brand envisioned. We are all about clarity and helping our clients achieve clarity in regards to who they are, who’s it for, and why it matters.”

When you can build your brand and do so with clarity “you can build trust with the right audience, increase sales and grow your business.”

What is Powerful Branding?

To exemplify powerful and effective branding, Weaver pointed out the example of Folgers coffee’s wildly successful marketing campaign “Folgers in your cup.” This is branding that evokes ideas, feelings and emotions. In short, effective branding produces a positive emotional response and message.

Following Your Unique Direction

Weaver notes that a successful brand is one that acts as a compass. Feedback from customers, clients, and other people in the industry help clarify a brand and direct it down the correct path. “If we’re listening to that feedback, if we’re making adjustments, if we’re adaptable, then we’ll be able to see the future and not be afraid.” New developments will not seem like a threat when you gain clarity of purpose.

At the end of the day, Weaver believes that “branding is a strategic effort that we do to influence how people see our brand. It’s internal efforts that have external expressions.” With this in mind, it is easy to see why Weaver feels that branding not only matters, but how it can also be transformational for any company.