The Unexpected Benefits of Providing Lease Coaching Services

The Unexpected Benefits of Providing Lease Coaching Services

Incorporating lease coach skillsets into your business brokerage offerings can open up new revenue potential. As we covered in our last article based on our recent BBP webinar entitled “Business Brokers, Earn More Money with Dale Willerton, The Lease Coach,” Willerton has created a course designed to help business brokers and M&A advisors tap into a previously overlooked revenue stream.

Considering the number of businesses that negotiate leases on an annual basis, and the fact that most of your clients can benefit from the services of a lease coach, it becomes clear that brokerage professionals should consider incorporating a lease coach skillset.

Protect Your Clients

The services provided by a lease coach are quite diverse and may not be as straightforward as one would expect. Willerton notes, “50% of the time I’m stopping the tenant from doing a bad deal, not just guiding them towards the good deal.”

Work Hand in Hand with Landlords

He further comments that the relationship between the lease coach and the landlord is typically far different than many would expect. He stated, “Rarely does a landlord see me as an adversary. In fact, oftentimes landlords say to me, “Thank goodness the tenant got some help because they don’t know what they were doing.” Landlords even express their gratitude that they don’t have to pay any fees.

Give Your Clients Peace of Mind

Through the work of a lease coach, tenants pay less rent and enjoy peace of mind. The fact that the tenant feels as though they have someone looking out for their best interests and is asking questions that they might not know to ask is often seen as being invaluable.

Additionally, Willerton is quick to point out that business brokers who offer lease coach services should make a point of telling their clients that they can hire a lawyer at any point. Willerton recommends telling clients, “I’m just here to help facilitate you getting the best deal and avoiding mistakes.”

Make Yourself Invaluable

In the end, Willerton believes that the lease coach route is an excellent route for any business broker or M&A advisor. The core reason behind this is that clients will return, perhaps more than once.

Since leases are such a common aspect of doing business, clients will eventually need help in the future. Willerton points to the fact that he has had many past clients who have returned to him many years, or even decades, later. Providing clients with a successful experience, one in which they save money and bypass stress, will be remembered for a lifetime.

In focusing on finding ways to help clients, such as incorporating a lease coach skillset, business brokers can make themselves an invaluable asset in the minds of their clients.