Generate More Leads with BizBuySell

Generate More Leads with BizBuySell

BizBuySell is a recognized leader and an invaluable part of the M&A landscape. Our last webinar “Tools of the Trade- How to Generate More Listings on BizBuySell” featured three people very familiar with all that BizBuySell has to offer. Participants in this informative webinar included Bob House, who leads CoStars business for sale marketplace, Jen von Lindern, who is the West Coast Regional Account Manager at BizBuySell, and Adam Debussy, the Senior Marketing Director at BizBuySell.

BizBuySell is the world’s #1 business-for-sale marketplace, and it features 50,000+ listings. Each month BizBuySell has over 1 million buyers search its network. For business brokers there is no other tool that can generate as many leads.

Listings for Brokerage Professionals

Thousands of sellers use BizBuySell every single month. These sellers, once registered, have access to a plethora of content and tools that BizBuySell has to offer. Through BizBuySell, sellers can quickly find brokers via BizBuySell’s industry leading broker directory.

Thanks to this directory, and its many other tools, BizBuySell helps business brokers maximize their opportunity to acquire new listings.

The goal of BizBuySell is to help brokers not only sell more businesses, but do so faster. As Bob House noted, BizBuySell achieves its goals by “aggregating our large network and traffic to divert a lot of the demand side of the equation and deliver the buyers. But we also focus on marketing your services so that the sellers will find you, so that you can get those new listing engagements. We give you the tools to measure that marketing effectiveness in terms of analytics and reporting. And we’re working to improve lead qualification. Leads are one thing, but qualified leads are even better.”

New Benefits and Offerings

Recently, BizBuySell has taken several steps to elevate what it can offer business brokers and M&A advisors.

  1. BizBuySell has redesigned the broker directory so that it is “smarter and easier to search and find brokers.”
  2. BizBuySell now has a new preference driven seller leads program.
  3. BizBuySell has improved the provide and the design of business broker representation on the platform.
  4. The broker directory search has been improved. Advanced search filters allow brokers to not only include their memberships in associations and certifications, but to have that key information authenticated as well, and authentication is free.

The end result of these updates is that business brokers will increase both their exposure and their credibility.

In our next article, we’ll explore some of the additional ways that BizBuySell can help business brokers. The bottom line is that there is no tool of the trade quite as user-friendly as powerful as BizBuySell.