Get More Out of DealStats

Get More Out of DealStats

Our last article “What are the Tools of the Trade?,” provided an overview of what DealStats is and how business brokerage professionals can benefit from using it. This article is based on our recent Business Brokerage Press webinar “Tools of the Trade,” which can be accessed here. DealStats is a comprehensive platform offered by BRV and it offers financial information about acquired companies in the public and private sectors. Let’s take a look at some of the beneficial key features that DealStats has to offer.

The DealStats Value Index

The DealStats Value Index is a quarterly analysis of private company acquisitions provided by DealStats and made available for free to all subscribers. Users will find that the DealStats Value Index is segmented by industry as well as time period, including quarter and year, size, buyer, type and additional information. Through the DealStats Value Index, users have easy access to statistics on selling price multiples, profit margins, owner’s compensation, days to sell and a good deal more.

Statistics Included

As of September 27, 2023, DealStats has provided an impressive array of stats on counts and deal size. There were 41,815 private targets with an average price of $38M and a median price of $350,000. DealStats include 5,255 public targets with an average price of $1,915M and a median price of $265M. Additionally asset sale and stock sale information are provided as well.

Diving deeper into the private and public statistics revealed much. 17,849 of the private businesses had a sale price of $250,000 or less; however, there were, of course, no public companies in this range. On the opposite end of the spectrum, DealStats included 1,360 private sold businesses with a sale price of $100,000,001 to $500 million as well as 1,585 public companies in that range. There were 640 private companies and 1,961 public companies in DealStats that sold for over $500 million.

Transaction Counts

DealStats also provides transaction count by NAICS section. There are 19 sectors including: manufacturing, information, real estate and rental and leasing, construction, finance and insurance, health care and social assistance, retail trade, wholesale trade, utilities and more.

Business Valuation Resources (BVR) notes that the BVR Contributor Network is “the foundation of its transaction data.” In fact, the BVR Contributor Network accounts for over 2/3 of all the transactions in DealStats. Contributors include a range of professionals including business brokers, M&A advisors, private equity professionals, as well as other transaction professionals. Those who contribute information on closed deals receive free access to all that DealStats has to offer.