Maximizing What DealBuilder Has to Offer

Maximizing What DealBuilder Has to Offer

In this article, we’ll continue our look at Morgan Tate’s DealBuilder platform. This topic was discussed through our recent webinar “How to Close More Deals with Less Work-Business Broker Technology 101.” Through DealBuilder, business brokers and M&A advisors are able to achieve more in less time. They can then use that recovered time to pursue building relationships and increase their deal volume.

When brokerage professionals have more time, they can increase their focus on building their business. For example, they can develop relationships with key influencers, such as accountants and lawyers. This increased level of networking will enable them to get more referrals. Further, free time will enable brokerage professionals to develop better relationships with buyer clients and seller clients. As a result, business brokers and M&A advisors will be able to take on additional listings and even get to the market faster than ever before.

As Tate notes, “Everybody wants a vacation, but the reality is that a vacation is also good for your business. With the right technology, team and processes, you will have more free time.” In Tate’s view, business brokers need to do more delegation and streamlining. This is true for not just some, but all of their processes.

Through DealBuilder, it is possible to capture your buyers, have them included in your CRM and then automate the process of getting NDAs to them. Once a business broker has a new engagement, it is possible to find buyers that are already looking for a similar business and then promote that new listing to those people. In short, this is another way that DealBuilder can streamline everything that business brokers and M&A advisors typically do.

Tate concludes, “You can capture the buyer, create a relationship between the buyer and the listing and move them through the pipeline automatically. When the NDA gets signed through the website that buyer is moved from the initial interest to the NDA signed stage and then to approval…We’re going to be able to track everything that they’re doing while they’re looking at it.” Data is automatically updated when changes are made within the project so that every event is dynamic. This digital approach allows buyers to export all financial statements directly into Excel. Buyers are able to submit questions directly through DealBuilder, and the answers to those questions are updated for all to see. It is possible to do a great deal of document management through this robust system.

At the end of the day, brokerage professionals are required to manage and process large amount of information coming from diverse sources. DealBuilder provides a very powerful tool which can dramatically increase productivity. Anyone looking to increase deal volume by reducing their workload should take a serious look at what DealBuilder has to offer.

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