Maximizing Tools BizBuySell has to Offer

Maximizing Tools BizBuySell has to Offer

Our previous article explored the core of what BizBuySell has to offer business brokerage professionals and how its new offerings can help you achieve more and generate more revenue in less time. During the last Business Brokerage Press webinar, we were joined by BizBuySell experts Bob House, Jen von Lindern and Adam Debussy. The full webinar can be accessed here. Now, let’s explore more ways that BizBuySell can assist business brokers and M&A advisors.

Seller Leads Program

Topping the list of additional ways that BizBuySell can help business brokers is the optional but powerful Seller Leads Program. Thanks to the Seller Leads Program, it now is possible for sellers to learn more about a broker.

To utilize the system, sellers simply must provide info about their business, such as where it is located, how long it has been in operation, what industry the business is in, the business’s annual revenue, their timeframe to sell and other factors.

With this information, BizBuySell can then direct businesses to the best broker matches in their area. This service is free for sellers and is geared to help business brokers quickly acquire more leads. You will now have total control over the owners you are matched with and there is only a cost when a match is made.

The effectiveness can depend on many variables, such as the quality of the broker’s BizBuySell profile, professionalism displayed, and level of responsiveness. As Bob House pointed out, it is very important for brokers to remember that sellers are always on their own timeline.

BizBuySell Elite Membership

There are additional benefits that can be obtained by becoming a BizBuySell Elite Member. Jen von Lindern, West Coast Regional Account Manager at BizBuySell, noted that Elite Members appear at the top of search pages and are often selected before other members. This is an extremely high level of visibility.

Additionally, Elite Members have the extra edge of having more areas being displayed. In short, Elite Members will appear more often when a seller searches by location. It is important to note that BizBuySell is highly targeted. That means that brokers listings are seen specifically for the locations that the brokers have themselves selected.

The goal of BizBuySell is to help sellers find the right brokers and for brokers to make more money with less effort. For this reason, BizBuySell stands out as a simply tremendous and invaluable tool. The built-in functionality provided by BizBuySell provides business brokers and M&A advisors with an easy and highly intuitive way to generate qualified leads and get a leg up over the competition. Not only can you generate leads, but you can generate qualified leads specifically in the areas in which you wish to operate.